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Alison Means

Here is a sample of my work.

Page last up dated 6 September 2008 

Silverlink Writing Group Competition October 2008:- 500 words starting with:- The dark clouds rolled in as the thunder rumbled across the sky...

Word Count: 154


The dark clouds rolled in as the thunder rumbled across the sky. The first heavy drops of rain fell, spattering the stone gargoyles of the church with patches of darker colour before the skies opened and the deluge began. A cold wind howled, sending raindrops hard as bullets - to batter at the church?s fa├žade.

High above the surrounding church yard, lodged in an alcove in the bell tower, a gargoyle sat. Its body was hunched and its twisted face grimaced at the late October weather, stone eyes glowering at the stormy sky. As lightning flashed overhead, the gargoyle folded its wings around itself with a loud, grinding groan that was lost in another roll of thunder. It hunkered down in its alcove, stone claws scraping against stone, and gave a rumbling growl of discontent.

"Sentient for one night of the year," it snarled, "and a storm sets in. Bloody typical English weather.


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