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Page last up dated 2 September 2008

Silverlink Writing Group September 2008 Competition: 500 words starting with Oh what a day it's been...
Word Count 309

The Concert

Oh what a day it's been!

First we bought the tickets online only to find that we had been involved in a scam - along with thousands of others.  But then would you believe it, we managed to get three more tickets - genuine this time.  The proof - we were able to print them out.  Pinned with pride on the notice board we awaited the day of the concert.

In excited and anticipatory mood we travelled to Manchester and booked into our hotel.  With time still to spare we headed for the shops and bought shoes in a sale - in Harvey Nichols we just looked.

The taxi to the venue got us there with time to spare and buy the obligatory tee shirt to prove we had been there.

While we waited for the concert to begin, some people started a Mexican wave that carried round the entire arena.

Then the legend came on stage and fifteen thousand people were mesmerised.  Stevie Wonder, a star since the age of eleven, now fifty eight, but still vibrant and exciting.  He sang songs that were so familiar they are almost a part of you.  The crowd singing along with one voice, transported to their own special memories of the meaning of each song to them.  And then - as if a secret signal had been given the whole audience was on their feet, dancing and singing along with the band.  The atmosphere was electrifying as Stevie climbed up on his piano stool, dancing with the rest of us.

Then, all too soon it was over and fifteen thousand people who had been joined briefly in the experience of a lifetime left the arena with smiles on their faces - and tee shirts in their bags.

How long would the smiles last once we were all dispersed? - Oh but what a day it was.


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