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SWG December 2010 Competition. Your first line is: It was raining again... You only have 1,500 words to tell your story.

Word Count = 1,084



Rain oh Rain

It was raining again in Goodwood and the going would probably be soft.

The gambler had a lucky coin in his pocket, and a jewel encrusted knife,

that he had found last week upstairsin his loft.

A handful of old paintings, and a gas mask from World War Two, where among the many items

that were sold in lot forty two.

He's done alright in this auction and made money he could save for a rainy day.

But he's investing it in a particular horse,rather than just flittering it away.

It was raining again at the bus stop this morning as the pensioners queed in a line, 

but it gave them something to moan about while they wait until half past nine.

At this time they can use there free passes and descend on the local town,

where any increases in prices they'll note, while laden down with their shopping and a big winter coat.

It is raining this morning on the high street where the traffic warden is walking his beat,

there's puddles all over the pavement and mud all over his feet.

He is standing in the nearest bus shelter as he is sick of getting wet,

this is a sensible place to park himself and issue parking fines,

it's better than being by the roadside where the cars are on double yellow lines.

The gambler walking past him is grinning as he has obviously won his bet,

like Gene kelly he is singing in the rain, another big win and he'll holiday in Spain.

It is raining again in the North sea as the fisherman clings to his boat,

with the battering he's getting from gargantuan waves

it's a wonder he's staying afloat.

He's struggled for years in this desperate trade,

and watched many good friends go to watery graves.

He's got a living to be made and a life he could lose

with any luck he'll be back in port today and back on the booze.

It's raining today today at Old Trafford,

where thousands watched Wayne rooney score

only this time he did it on the pitch

rather than off the field with a whore.

A more comfortable living on sea or on land

is hard to imagine or comprehend

as far as Jo public can understand.

only his own self destruct button

can bring his career to an end.

It was raining today in Madrid

and when people saw it coming they hid.

Like sheets of ice from the sky it fell

and if it hit you it hurt like hell.

Like punch drunk boxers peolpe were running for cover ,

oh the stories they'll have to tell when they recover.

Who says the rain in Spain stays mainly on the plane?

One or two drowned and battered tourists

may not be hurrying back again.

the rain has also soaked the bullring

and washed away the blood

the Matadors will be resting today

as they can't run around in the mud.

It's raining as hard as the church bells are ringing,

and the bride and groom lesve the church

to the sound of triumphant singing.

They'll remember this day for the rest of their life

even though it puts a dampner on proceedings

for a husband and a a wife.

They huddle together under the shelter of a tree

as they dream of a honeymoon in the sun sand and sea.

It's raining again at the Old Bailey

as the suspect is rushed from the prison van,

headlong through the crowd he goes

the prisoner's already a condemned man.

His feet are dragged through the water

like his name has been dragged through the mud,

he's been accused of killing one man's daughter,

and hundreds are baying for blood.

He can't feel the rain with a sack on his head'

but if the crowd get him he'll feel nothing when dead.

It is raining again in the back streets of Middlesbrough

where there's zero tolerance of crime.

At least that's what Ray Mallon's been bragging,

though the girl's are still out on the game,

among the smog and the grime.

it would appear that there's no zero tolearance of shagging.

A young forgotten girl who is someone's daughter

will be on the market tonight,

and someone will have bought her before the night's through,

she could end up down a back alley all battered and blue.

Her make up runs down her cheeks in the rain

and it gives a clue to her youth,

so perhaps the more discerning punter

may be detered by the truth.

She is of the age where she should be at school

instead of being hooked on drugs,

and used as a perverts sex tool.

It was raining again in the market place

and there's not many shoppers around,

traders are huddling together in this weather

and there's not many customers to be found.

Jack is one of them in his Del Boy role

his stock has not been stolen

but he's still on the dole.

When he signs on this monday,

they'll ask has he anything to declare

has he done any work lately

anything he wants to declare.

Jack will say no of course to this question

and he hardly has to be fair.

oh sometimes he'll have a good day

but they are few and far between.

He's living like this because he can't find a job

not because he's dishonest or a bone idle slob.

Jack once worked on building sites

doing good honest hard graft.

If someone had told him he'd end up this way

then Jack would surely have laughed,

but standing here bored and dripping wet

it doesn't seem funny today.

It's raining again in Afghanistan

and the sight is almost rare.

Some of the soldiers have not seen it before

in all the time they' ve been there.

One or two heads look up to the sky

while others lye still in the mud.

What is left of the suicide bomber

is washed away in a river of blood.

It is raining again all over pakistan

and that is the last thing they need,

a third of the country is underwater,

and they' ve thousands of mouths to feed.

Some are being fed by the Taliban of all people

in his there desperate houre of need.

We will watch the weather forecast tomorrow

and we will decide what to wear,

but spare a thought for others around the world

who no longer may be there.

Silverlink Writing Group Competition August 2010:- 500 words starting with:-[see below]

Word Count = 474



Guardian Angel


The boat had docked only a few hours before, when Radcliffe walked down the gangplank.  He turned and looked back at the ship.  It towered over him; he smiled to himself as he stepped onto the dock.  His old self would stay on board, he had reinvented himself.  Now he had a new name Madox Kellaway and his past was gone.  A new city in a new country, money in the bank, what could go wrong?

Kellaway entered his apartment, it was already furnished. He liked his new taste, very stylish. He needed to get the clothes to match his new life, then everything would be in place.

Kellaway sat at the bar sipping his drink and watching the world go by.  He like this new life, the bigger the city the more anonymous he could be.  No one would recognize him; he had changed so much in the last month.

Madox finished his drink and decided to go for a walk, to explore Ostend. Madox was a name Jeff had taken from a man who was in no position to complain. Madox had been the customer in a funeral car Jeff had driven when he worked as an undertaker.

Jeff walked down the street with hotels on both sides. Jeff had not always walked down easy street. Jeff had been lucky to avoid going to prison once. An assault charge had been dropped when the victim had been approached by a man who gave the victim a grand to drop the charges.Jeff is not sure who paid this money! Jeff sometimes feels like he has a guardian angel looking over him. Jeff is thirty and unmarried. The nearest thing he has had to a serious relationship was with the wife of a criminal serving time for attempted murder.Despite knowing that Jeff had been with his wife, the released prisoner never caught up with Jeff and never will now. All being well Jeff is believed to be dead, having died in a fire. Jeff sethis house alight and left an unrecognisable body in the house Jeff worked where bodies where obtainable, and the man iscremated not quite as requested.  According to the newspapers Jeff had been a harassed recluse since winning the a big

Payout on the lottery. This was partly true. For an orphan who was brought up in care homes, it was amazing how people suddenly appeared claiming to be distant cousins. Now he has put distance from them.

Jeff finds an italian restaurant on the sea front and takes a seat by the window at the suggestion of a small waiter with a moustache, who Jeff thinks could be an understudy for Manuelle in Fawlty towers.

Jeff sighs as he takes in the cloudless sky of an early evening and loooks out to sea. For reasons he is not sure of, Jeff has always liked escape stories such as the Ronnie Biggs book. Now he has his own story of escape.

'The view is good and so is the pasta here' Jeff turns to see an older man sitting at a table on his own The man has tightskin which suggests a face lift similar to what Jeff has undergone.

'You a regular then?' Jeff picks his words warily.

'Yes I would come here with my own son' the man says with some feeling.

A lump is coming up in his throat and a tear is in his eye as Jeff realises that faking death is something that runs in his family. He is finally face to face with his gaurdian angel.  The only genuine long lost relative to get in touch with him would be a wanted man if he was known to be alive, Jeff's gangster father.


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