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Page last up dated 6 September 2008

Silverlink Writing Group September 2008 Competition: 500 words starting with Oh what a day it's been...
Word Count 305

RUNNER UP of the Silverlink Writing Group

September 2008 Competition


Great North Run

Oh what a day it’s been... Starting off early, uncertain, shivering in the morning chill. Flapping arms and bouncing on toes to keep warm. Glancing down at the wet tarmac, checking laces for the hundredth time. The eerie silence of an empty motorway.

Then people appearing through the trees. Scuttering down the banking with tracksuits, bananas and bin bags. This lonely spot fills with colour. Red, blue, green, white, yellow, pink... tribes mark their territory in patches between superheroes, glittering wings and the Loch Ness monster.

The noise rises. Snatches of good luck wishes and laughter in Geordie, Scouse and Scots. Till there’s a call for silence. Then the voices hush and feet fall still. We breathe and remember the causes, the stories, the people that brought us to this spot, this moment until hope and gratitude and joy breaks through in a burst of applause.

And then we’re off, slowly at first, finding gaps in the surging mass. Spreading out across the river, buzzed by flying rocket ships, feet pounding to the rhythm of the steel band.

And on and on, the tarmac winds. Endless lines of grey. Is that the sting of rain? Keep on running…Where did everyone go? Keep on running…Is that cramp? Keep on running…

Need water…Keep on running… Is that? Is that the sea?

So near and yet so far. The grey blue ribbon hangs in stillness. How many more footsteps? How many more half-snatched breaths? Just a little further. Lifting tired legs onwards.

The crowds burst through the drizzle in an explosion of cheering, shouting, clapping. Couldn’t stop now if I wanted to. Finish line in sight. Focus on the clock, seconds counting up with every jolt.

And suddenly I’m through, blanketed in silver, drinking something cold, wet and sugary and smiling, grinning, beaming.

I finished.

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